Against Human Nature

Spirit Seekers 4

Book Cover: Against Human Nature
Editions:Paperback (Englisch): € 13,90 EUR
ISBN: 978-0473603991
Pages: 263
Ebook: € 3,69 EUR

Careful what you wish for. It might cost your life.

It’s a rude awakening for Rika when she finds herself in Rome at the SSA headquarters. Her advocacy for spirits hasn’t gone unnoticed. Dante Antonelli, the headmaster of the spirit seeker academy, assigns himself to Rika’s re-education. Every horror story she heard about him pales against the reality.
Rika is forced to abandon her beliefs and join the dogmatic lessons each spirit seeker takes to their heart. Amongst her new colleagues, she feels like an outsider. Ostracised and in constant fear of punishment, Rika tries her best to fly under the radar, when she meets the one person she never expected to find in this place.

Join the Spirit Seekers in Rome as they’re headed for a fiery disaster. Get your copy now to find out whether Rika can escape her grim destiny.

Publisher: Selbstverlag